Button Knot using one cord

1. Make a loop in the cord and hold the bottom of the loop with your left thumb and forefinger.  

2. (The darker color represents the previous step).   Make another loop over the top of the first loop.  

Take the end down through the loop on the right, up through the middle, and down through the left loop.   Notice the little center area (highlighted).   This will be important later.   Take the end across the top of the fixed end.  

4. Take the end down through the right loop, under 2 cords and up through the center area (highlighted in the previous pircure ).  
  1. Gently and slowly pull the ends of the cord apart.   You should see the shape of the knot beginning to form.  

6.   Pull the knot until it begins to tighten.   There will be a loop or 2 sticking out.  

7. Turn the knot around and tighten the loops one at a time until the loops are snug and the knot is tight.  

To move the knot, hold the cord that is on the side that you want to move the knot toward, and push the cord into the knot.   Observe which loop is linked to the cord that you pushed.   Pull that loop until the knot is in the position that you want it.   Turn the knot and tighten all the loops until the knot is snug.   Always keep turning in the same direction.   You will tighten through 8 loops.  

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